Everything has its limitations that have to be accepted. Nothing can be more true than this when we are discussing security cameras. It is well known that the home security system can be augmented by installing video cameras at strategic locations. But how well it can work would depend to a great extent on how realistic your expectations about its performance are. There are a lot of misconceptions about video cameras being used for home security and this often leads to wrong assessment about its capabilities. This leads to developing expectations about video cameras that are unrealistic.  This article tries to explain some common misconceptions.

Security Camera

What is the meaning of wireless cameras?

It would be completely wrong to assume that wireless video surveillance cameras mean that no wires are used at all. Video cameras do come without wires but there is one wire, the power cable which is indispensable for the system. Even if the video camera does not require any wire to operate it, it needs power supply from the mains. Using batteries in video surveillance cameras is not feasible as it would entail replacing batteries daily.

There is a limit to picture clarity

 If you expect that blurred images captured by video surveillance cameras can be converted into sharp and distinct pictures using some superb technology then you are highly mistaken. It is not that what you have thought is not right. It is quite possible to use technology to upgrade video images greatly but the cost can be prohibitively high. Therefore, always think in terms of the investment because there is a limit to the clarity of pictures that is directly proportional to the amount of money that you spend on video surveillance cameras. You get what your budget deserves.

Video surveillance cameras are cheap

Cheap video surveillance systems are available that use proprietary technology for its operations but its performance is far from satisfactory.  By paying less you have to compromise on the video quality that is not up to the mark. How would it help if you see pictures from which it is difficult to identify objects and people? Moreover, the technology that is used might not be compatible with your existing security system. Think carefully, before you go for it.

Images are always in colour

This is another misconception that prevails in the world of video surveillance. All recording done during the day are captured in colour while those done at night, when lights have dimmed, are black and white images. You have an option of choosing the type of image that you want at night. The cameras automatically switch over to black and white mode at night as it allows capturing clearer pictures in low light. Some cameras are equipped with intensifiers that increase the light of the surrounding environment to capture clearer pictures. Infra red cameras are ideal for capturing images in the dark.

One has to be clear about what is needed in a video camera to be used for home surveillance and what are the features that can be done away with.

Security alarms being synonymous with home security systems, of which it is major component, it is always the system that is discussed and never the security alarms in isolation. Even when people talk about security alarms the focus is on the security system. There are some misconceptions about the technology used for security systems that need to be cleared so that you know exactly what you are selecting. The marketing people selling security systems often tell customers that they sell wireless systems. Now, what really is meant by a wireless home security system?  The possibilities are that the sensors at your home are connected without wires or there is a wireless connection between your home security system and the monitoring centre. Although both are wireless, technically speaking connecting the home security system with the monitoring centre without using wires is termed as a cellular connection and not wireless.

Communicating with the monitoring centre

The security alarms that are fitted at your home might ring aloud to alert people at home and its surroundings. While this can alert everybody about some untoward incident that might happen, it also might drive away intruders. At the same time, a silent alarm is communicated to the monitoring centre either using the landline, cellular connection or the internet.

  • Landline – There was a time when wired telephone connections (landline) used to be the only way of telecommunication. This method of communication has now become dated in view of the advancements in communication technology and the system has its limitations as the wires can be cut by rogues to cripple the monitoring system and decimate the security system. However, except that this is a cheaper option few people would be interested to continue with it.
  • Cellular communication – The mobile phone technology that uses 2G or 3G technology for communication is used to connect the home security system with the monitoring centre. This system is neither affected by power outages nor there is a fear of wires being cut to disrupt communication. It is the most reliable and stable communication system that cannot be interfered with by suspicious people.

Another misconception

Security systems marketers often ask customers whether they need a monitored security system or an un-monitored one.  Monitoring is the purpose of any security system as the security alarm will only warn about a break-in but unless the message is communicated to a monitoring centre no response to the call is possible. Unmonitored systems are actually not feasible and what is meant by unmonitored system is that instead of communicating with a professional monitoring centre the monitoring has to be done by you.

By understanding what is being actually talked about, you will be in a better position to evaluate the offer that is made by the home security company. It will be easier for you to make out whether the company is cutting corners to offer an attractive price thereby compromising on some important security parameter. It is always satisfying to know what you are paying for.

It is not that burglars, thieves and intruders are the only risks to home safety, for which the alarm system is good enough to protect homes. With crimes acquiring more complex dimensions, there is the need to screen visitors to your home when they turn out to be either strangers or someone with whom you are not much familiar. The process of screening has to be discreet so that visitors do not feel embarrassed about it and at the same time the inhabitants get a chance to act with caution in deciding whether or not to allow them inside. Intercom systems Adelaide that have for long been part of the home security system can perform this function perfectly. The intercom system becomes your eyes and ears as you are able to see visitors and talk to them before allowing them inside.

Wireless intercom systems

Intercom systems are house telephones that work along the same lines as public telephones but are meant for private use only within the premises. It can be hooked to the public telephone system so that the same handset can be used to access it. Traditionally, intercom sets had wired connections but now wireless intercoms have become very popular. There is no possibility of disrupting the system by snapping wires thus making it more stable and dependable. Aesthetically, wireless intercom systems are quite good looking as there are no wires stretched across the home.

How it works

The wireless intercom system has two panels – the outside panel that has a button for door bell is fitted near the entry point and a master panel that is installed inside the home. There is a camera, speaker and microphone in each of the panels. When a visitor rings the door bell by pressing the button on the control panel, the signal is transmitted and displayed in the master panel inside the home where you can see the image of the visitor and also talk to him.

What to expect from it

  • By installing an intercom system, especially the wireless type, you get your vision extended beyond the closed doors and can set up a surveillance system that works round the clock throughout the year. You know about who is knocking at your door and judging by the quality of visitor you can decide whether or not to allow him or her inside.
  • You enjoy uninterrupted communication using the wireless intercom as the signals that are generated have a distinct frequency and wave length that does not interfere with the signals of television transmission and cell phone signals.
  • By installing several master panels at various points you can keep a watch across the length and breadth of your home. It enables you to pay attention to elderly people and kids without actually being close to them.
  • It is easy to install wireless intercoms and the cost of installation is also low as there are no wires involved.

The system operates on batteries that have to be recharged or changed from time to time and there is no downtime due to power outages.

There is a wide range of Home Security Systems in Adelaide but before you select a system you have to be clear about which kind of system you prefer with respect to its monitoring method.  Raising an alarm is not the only function of a security system. Its effectiveness lies in conveying the message to a designated address or person who is responsible to pick up the alarm and take suitable action so that disaster can be controlled or avoided. This is called monitoring of the security system. There are two options of monitoring the system. One way is to entrust a security agency that utilises a central monitoring station to monitor the security system and the other way is to monitor it on your own.

Home Alarm

Professional monitoring of security system

When you decide to use the services of a security agency to take charge of your home security, the company takes full responsibility of maintaining the security system of your home including initiating appropriate action whenever an alarm is received by the monitoring centre. The security system of your home is directly hooked to the central monitoring station of the company by using advanced technology and your home is under constant surveillance for which you have to pay monthly service charges to the company.

Doing it on your own

There are some people who are confident in handling the security of their homes on their own and do not want to rely of the services of any security agency. This is not a bad idea as you save some money every month but you have to be actively involved every moment for upkeep of the security system and be ready with required resources to respond to alarm calls. You have to be alert an agile and keep constant vigil to notice an alarm on your smartphone that is triggered by a motion detector or opening of a door. Then you have to analyse the seriousness of the alarm because it might not always be a house breaking event but even a cat might have played truant to activate the alarm.

Uninterrupted surveillance

When you engage a security agency to monitor your home security you are assured of round the clock uninterrupted surveillance because the most advanced technology is used to connect your home security system with the central monitoring station. Power outages or non availability of attendants never affect the services. There are multiple monitoring stations that are inter-connected so that in case one of the stations to which you are linked becomes defunct, services are provided by any other station.

Limitations of self-monitoring

Self-monitoring systems rely on a single person for its effectiveness that will depend on your availability. And this can be a hard task to perform as you have to be alert even when you are asleep because the alarm will flash on your smartphone.  The other problem is that the system will not work during power outages.

Weigh your options and make the correct choice to keep your home safe and secure.

The risk of burglary in homes without security alarm system goes up by almost 300 percent. This single data is good enough to make you understand why you should install a home security system that is capable of keeping your home under continuous surveillance to prevent burglaries.  And not stopping at it, there are many more added features of security system that enhances its value. Some security systems can be used to seek help when you are in distress. If there is an armed burglary when you cannot be contacted, you can seek immediate help. All you have to do is to enter a code in the system that indicates your immediate need for help.  Some security system can even double up as an emergency plan responder as the monitoring services allow integration of your emergency response plan into the system.  Know about how the worth of the system can be more than what you actually pay.

Security company selection

All of us would like to get the best security company to provide the service that can make homes secure.  The best company is that which deals exclusively in home security management and not that it is one of many other business interests that they may have. It is better to go with a national company that has considerable experience in the field. The other points that have to be checked are:

  • The service plan that is being offered and the type of warranty for equipments.
  • Is the monitoring services provided by the company or do they outsource it? In case it is outsourced, how reliable are the services?
  • Is the company offering cellular monitoring services?
  • Can the system be relocated to any other state where you may move out?

Emphasising on cellular connection

The efficiency of a home security system would depend to a large extent in the quality of connectivity and communication technology that is deployed to connect between the control panel and sensors and also between the control panel and the monitoring centre.  The communication system of 2G and 3G cellular services are best for the system so that the sensors are triggered at crucial times and the message is communicated to the monitoring centre via the control panel without any possibilities of interference as there are no wires to cut or disrupt the signals by any other means.

Protected system

The security system that you select should have inbuilt protection so that even if the control panel is damaged by intruders, it does not disrupt the communication of the alarm signal to the monitoring centre. Tripping of sensors would immediately send an alarm to the monitoring centre that gets ready to respond to the situation unless a

Over and above a strong customer service infrastructure is necessary to keep the system always up and running and to provide the most appropriate response in times of need. By ensuring that the parameters are met, you get the confidence of installing a reliable security system at home.