Solar power cooking is here to stay. In fact, Australians have greatly incorporated this form of cooking. In this way, they are not only conserving energy but simultaneously they are making a contribution towards the environment in their small little ways. Here we will find out more about solar power cooking. Making use of the concept of solar cooking means that you are doing away with the traditional gas ovens and stoves and the electrical counterparts that have always posed to be risky if not carefully operated or handled.

Working of the solar cooker

As the name suggests, cooking with the help of solar energy or the energy of the sun is referred to as solar cooking. However, there are few important points that must be kept in mind while dealing with these types of cookers. These points are listed below-

  • First and foremost, while cooking the cooker has to be kept under direct sunlight so that it receives maximum sunlight. This will help the cooker to work better. You will have to complete cooking while the sun is still bright. This is because if there are clouds that obstruct sun rays, cooking will be hampered. Also, if there are strong winds, you will face the same problem.
  • The solar panels are lined with aluminium foil on the inside, which radiates the heat required for cooking after converting sunlight into thermal energy. Also, prior to cooking, it is necessary to place the cooker in direct sunlight for a considerable period of time for it to gather the much needed thermal heat.
  • You have to use the solar cooker just as you use a grill. You will require a long handle spoon or more appropriately a spatula for cooking or turning over the food. So that you don’t burn your fingers or feel the heat in your hands, you have to use a cover for your hand, preferably something similar to an oven glove.
  • While cooking, a dish or a plate is required to cover the stuff you are cooking on the oven so that it gets cooked faster. In case of solar panel cooking, you could use a metal cover or foil. This will cause the heat to be retained in the utensil in which you are cooking.

The use of solar panels and solar power has become so pronounced that many governments around the globe are urging families to use such alternative source of energy. In fact, these government bodies have also extended tax benefits to the households that have been using solar power for their household and are urging more people to make use of the same. Although, this form of energy has more number of benefits as compared to the drawbacks, nevertheless, there are few of the latter that can be overcome provided you adjust the working schedule accordingly. For instance, as mentioned above, solar energy does not work when sunsets. You can finish up your household chores prior to sunset while enjoy electricity for the remaining part of the day.

When energy from the sun is converted into electricity, it is referred to as solar power. In this process, usually, the photovoltaic cells play an instrumental role in the conversion by making use of a semi conductor, which is responsible for absorbing the radiation from the sun and then emitting as electricity. Since the energy of the sun is being utilised, this type of power is also known as Alternative source of energy. These days, more and more households across the globe are making use of this form of energy so that a lot can be saved in terms of energy and also money.

What are the benefits?

As far as the advantages of solar power are concerned, benefits are many. It is a renewable source of energy. Aside from using it as a source of electricity, it is also used for heating waters that gave birth to the concept of solar water heaters.

Most importantly, this alternative source of energy is used for generating electricity in houses. This helps you to curtail the expenses of your electricity bills that you would have to shell out, which would sometimes skyrocket. For this reason, solar panels are being increasingly used by households across continents and even Down Under.

Aside from generating electricity and helping you save on your electricity bills, these panels will also curtail your cost as far as its maintenance is concerned. The solar panels require very little maintenance and the best part is that they do not require any additional equipment to generate electricity.

In fact, most of the governments around the globe have introduced special offers and incentives for the households that make extensive use of these panels. These incentives are usually available in form of tax benefits. Aside from solar panels, any household that uses “clean energy” is also entitled to these incentives.

Solar power – Drawbacks

Just as a coin has two sides of it, if it is said that solar power does not have any drawbacks, perhaps, it is a wrong statement. There are few of them too. However, these are much less pronounced as compared to the benefits that you get to enjoy by using these solar panels.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that the source of energy is available only during the day- the sun. You will not be able to make use of the energy at night. Aside from this on any day, if there is no sun and if it is a cloudy day, the panels may not work to their optimum capacity due to lack of energy.

Another very striking drawback of the panels is that in order to derive maximum benefit from these panels, they have to be facing the sun directly. There can be no obstruction, which will eventually hinder sun’s rays from falling on the panels.

As such, if you are planning to invest in solar panels, you have to do so keeping in mind the benefits as well as drawbacks. It is best to go ahead only after weighing the pros and the cons.